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The idea of Josuttes Ag grew from the Josuttes Family farm, located just South of Paradise Hill. The Josuttes farm was started by Herman Josuttes in the early 1930's, who in hand passed it on to his son Alfred.  Alfred has farmed his whole life, and has now passed the farm on to his son Kevin.

Josuttes Ag was developed between Kevin and his son Brock in September 2016, when the Paradise Hill Seed Cleaning Plant was acquired.  Josuttes Ag immediately began selling and cleaning seed.

Today, Josuttes Ag.'s goal is to be the service alternative. We want to be involved in your farm operation every step of the way.  We know what  you as a farm operator want, as we are farmers ourselves. 

To Our Clients:‚Äč At Josuttes Ag, our goal is to save the customer time and money, while helping to maximizing their profits.  


To Our Employees: At Josuttes Ag we promise to promote the growth of dynamic, innovative and forward looking individuals, while providing a challenging and rewarding work environment, which supports the local and surrounding community